A New Study Tells Us What Baltimore's Biggest Sin Is, and You Won't Believe It!

November 27, 2018

WalletHub.com just ranked 182 of the biggest cities in the country from the most to least SINFUL.  And they based the list off of 37 different factors, all of which tie into one of the seven deadly sins.

Like, they looked at things like violent crimes rates for wrath, fraud and theft for envy, casinos for greed, strip clubs for lust, tanning salons and plastic surgery for pride, exercise for sloth, and obesity and DUIs for gluttony.

The top 5 most sinful cities are:

1. Las Vegas

2. Los Angeles

3. New York City

4. Houston

5. St. Louis

Baltimore ranked 17th overall! Yikes!

So now you're wondering was Baltimore's biggest sin is, right?

It's GREED! Followed by Jealousy!

Oh, and speaking of Las Vegas - tune in all this week to Reagan and Bethany for your chance to win a trip there for New Years Eve