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Does your child think that he/she is overweight when they're really not?

Does you child complain about being overweight when they're really not?

October 17, 2018

Well, I've been there.  My son had a very bad body image even though he's really not overweight.  My telling him that "he's not fat" didn't seem to sink in at all with him.  We told him the usual things, that "everyone is built differently" and "you're really just going through a growing phase", but nothing eased his pain;  his pain of being different.  It ripped my heart out that my sweet, sensitive son was tearing himself apart on a daily basis.  Finally....we listened to him.  He really wanted to help himself, so now we're giving him  the tools.  


We decided to sign him up for Cross Fit personal Training.  He had been asking for a personal trainer for a while, but it can be just so expensive.  For his birthday, that's exactly what we did.  We signed him up at a place called Arenal Fitness in Baltimore.  It's just fabulous!  I'm not endorsing this gym on the radio, but I just had to pass on this information to you just in case you have a situation at home like I did.  My son is thriving and slowly feeling better about himself.  The personal trainers at Arenal are fabulous, and caring and kind!!  It just takes that first step in the right direction to help even just a little bit.  A step like this for your child might just help and it will get them healthier in the process.

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We're also showing our son a healthier way to eat with fresh fruits and vegetables and less fat in his diet.  The worst part of this whole experience, for me, was to NOT be able to help my son and see him cry about something that wasn't even true.  So, long story short, there IS something you can do to help your kids when they aren't happy about their bodies.  Also, now, we limit the screen time on the damn Fortnite!  If I EVER meet the guy that invented that game...holy mackerel!!  Thanks for listening and have a great day!

Photo credit: Maria Dennis