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What's The First News Story You Remember As A Kid?

November 8, 2018

We asked our audience about the first news story they remember hearing about as a kid. Here's what they had to say:


  • When the space shuttle Challenger blew apart... I was in the 4th grade. I remember teachers and staff crying and our parents picking us up early from school. I can still remember that feeling of immense sadness.
  • Baby Jessica and the well
  • The murder of Jonbenet Ramsey
  • President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Bobby Kennedy's assassinations... yikes, I'm getting old!
  • The first moon landing in 1969.
  • Oj Simpson faintly and the Tonya Harding / Nancy Kerrigan scandal
  • Sadly the riots in Baltimore in the 60's. My aunt, uncle and cousins came to stay with us, because of the violence.
  • Steve Irwin’s death.... I watched his shows constantly as a kid and I remember my parents sitting me down to tell me he had passed. I sobbed. I mean I vaguely remember 9/11 but I was too little to really understand the pain associated with it.
  • The Son of Sam killing spree in NYC. I was around 10 when that was happening and I remember being scared that he would kill me or someone in my family. It seemed like it was the headline in the newspaper all of the time. We lived on Long Island, so it was very unlikely, but my Dad worked in the city.
  • Fuzzy memories of watching royal wedding of Diana and Charles but the challenger explosion. I was in 1st grade and I still remember the confusion and sadness of what had just happened
  • The Iran hostage situation. Not so much the actual news but President Carter held a press conference that interrupted something I was watching and ooh, that made me mad!
  • Bill Clinton, impeachmeant, and the look on my dad's face when his 8 year old daughter asked what the president did to get in so much trouble.
  • The death of Princess Diana


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