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Here's the Most Uniquely Popular Side Dish in Maryland

Google released a list of the most uniquely popular Thanksgiving side dish in every state, based on searches. In other words: What side do people in a state Google more than people in other states? Here are the results: In Maryland, it's collard greens. And here are the dishes for our surrounding... Read More
Here's the Worst Day to Shop For Thanksgiving Dinner

Here's the Worst Day to Shop For Thanksgiving Dinner

You would think it would be a recipe (get it, recipe ?!) for disaster to go to the grocery store the night before Thanksgiving: crowded parking lots, picked-over shelves, angry people shoving each other over the last can of cranberry sauce. But apparently, that's not the worst time to shop for... Read More

Veteran's Day Deals

Free Food for Veterans on Veterans Day Starbucks The deal: Vets, military spouses, and active-duty service members get a free tall cup of brewed coffee at every company-operated and licensed location in the US. Additionally, the company will donate a quarter from every cup of brewed coffee sold... Read More

Playing With Fire #PFR! Will John Cena Set The Box Office On Fire?

John Cena is everywhere promoting his new movie Playing With Fire ! Well...check out what Jack (12), Olivia (10), Parker (10) and your's truly, Priestly (old) thought of Cena, John Legizamo and Keegan Michael-Key in the new Nickelodeon movie! #PFR (Priestly Family Review) Ring Off Fire Starring... Read More
If You're A Bad Driver It's Your Parents Fault

If You're A Bad Driver, It's Your Parents' Fault

Here's one more thing you can blame on your parents. A new study by Vinci found that if you're a terrible driver, it's probably because you learned from watching them drive like an idiot. Here's what they determined about bad driving: 1. 65% of young drivers said their parents had the biggest... Read More

We Love To Give Gift Cards But Most People Don't Want One

A new survey found more than half of Americans plan to give at least one person a gift card this Christmas, but only 27% of us want to receive one. We'd rather get actual gifts. So if you do buy them, you might want to go with Visa gift cards, which are basically like cash. Or go with one that's... Read More
Why McDonald's Soda Tastes Better Than Soda from Anywhere Else

Here's Why McDonald's Soda Tastes Better Than Soda from Any

McDonald's soda is KNOWN for tasting better than soda from anywhere else. We always assumed it's because they dumped extra sugar in it or something. But it turns out that's not it. McDonald's has given an answer of why their soda tastes better than anyone else's. Here are their four reasons: 1... Read More