Coronavirus Baltimore

Why Costco Can Force You To Wear A Mask When You Shop

It seems Costco has often been at the center of the simmering debate over required protective masks in stores and other public places. See what the controversy is all about right now.
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Reagan and Bethany Mix 106-5

Reagan & Bethany Talk To Helping Up Mission and Brian Roberts

Reagan and Bethany talk with former Oriole Brian Roberts about the Helping Up Mission, serving addiction and homeless population in Baltimore.
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Hospital Emergency Sign

Discounts For Medical Personnel

Medical workers, doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, first responders, food service workers receiving discounts at local businesses.
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Person cleans cell phone

Are Disinfectant Wipes Safe To Clean My Phone?

Are Disinfectant Wipes Safe To Clean My Phone? A recent study found 25,127 bacteria per square inch on your phone, that's more than a doorknob, checkout screen, or even a toilet seat. You can keep it clean by using disinfectant wipes or by using a cloth with water and isopropyl alcohol mixed.
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Respect The Rules! #BeSmart #BeKinds #BeSafe

Priestly Is ANGRY That People are Not Staying Local!!!

Yesterday we walked our normal walk, in our home neighborhood only too find people traveling out of their neighborhoods to walk our areas paths. Normally there is never cars in the parking lot...this is just insane!!!
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