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Play Kramer & Jess' Mega Prize Minute To Win A $1,000

courtesy of I Can See Your Voice on Fox 45


It’s a family fun night starting with the return of America’s #1 show THE MASKED SINGER!  Then, Ken Jeong hosts a brand-new show that asks:  Can you guess if someone can sing without hearing their voice? Play the Kramer and Jess' Mega Prize Minute this week for your chance to win $1,000 cash courtesy of your next singing obsession -- I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE!  Think YOU could recognize a “pro” from a “no?” It all starts Wednesday at 8 only on FOX 45Tune into Kramer and Jess every weekday and play the Mega Prize Minute, if you can answer all ten questions in 60 seconds you'll win the money!