Sebastian Maniscalco: You Bother Me | 2ND SHOW ADDED

Modell Performing Arts Center at The Lyric
140 W. Mt Royal Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21201
United States

Event Description:

Named one of the Top 10 highest-grossing comedians in the world in both 2017 and 2018 by Forbes, Sebastian Maniscalco has reached heights that few comedians could ever dream about. The man Jerry Seinfeld calls “my favorite comedian” was nominated by Billboard in 2018 with their inaugural “Comedian of the Year” award.

Known for his distinctive, physical style—he’s “not just telling a joke, he’s showing it, too,” as the New York Times wrote—perhaps Maniscalco’s most impressive feat is his leap into the highest levels of dramatic cinema. “The goal is not to be the next Denzel Washington, but to have some fun and be creative in another realm,” he says. “It was just unbelievable, doing these movies back to back. We shot Green Book in November, and The Irishman in December—coming straight off a set with Viggo Mortenson, then going toe-to-toe with DeNiro and Pesci.

But the biggest focus for Sebastian Maniscalco in 2019 will be the launch of the “You Bother Me” tour. “I constantly walk around going, ‘This guy bothers me.,’” he says. “Things you would probably just blow off, I get incensed by. But out of that kernel comes really great stuff. My wife never worked in a restaurant, but I worked in restaurants my whole life. So a lot of the show is just taking the audience through things like the entire experience of going to a sit-down dinner with my wife and her family and all the things that annoy me.”

Don’t miss this hilarious show coming to the Modell Lyric on March 14 & 15!