Mid Days with Maria

Mon-Fri: 10AM

                Hi! Geesh, where do I start?  I’m originally from Providence, Rhode Island. I went to Northeastern University in Boston for criminal law way back when. I ended up sitting in on a rape trial and said, “Nope…not for me.”  It’s then that I took an elective television class and received the only “A” during my entire stay at Northeastern.  One thing led to another, and I then enrolled in a trade school in New England for broadcasting, graduating with a 4.0.

                My journey in broadcasting has led me to Providence, Orlando, Boston, Providence again, New Hampshire and finally to Mix 106.5 here in Baltimore.  I’ve been on-air at Mix 106.5 since September of 1997!  It is a passion of mine to be a radio broadcaster.  I yearn to bring some kind of joy into other people’s lives, either through the music I play, the information I broadcast, or the prizes and trips I give away.  It truly keeps me going along with my family.

                I’m married with two boys, ages 11 and 13.  My life was wonderful until that dreadful day, on March 12, 2014, when I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with a Philadelphia chromosome to make matters worse.  I was treated at Johns Hopkins Hospital from March 2014 until September 2014 as an inpatient.  I received a bone marrow transplant in June of 2014 from an anonymous donor from the National Bone Marrow Registry which saved my life.  I can say with great enthusiasm that I am CANCER FREE today and I take each and every day as it comes.  I’m grateful for so many people and things in my life.  I continue to take chemotherapy pills daily because of the Philadelphia chromosome to prevent cancer from coming back in my brain.  Overall, I’m very healthy and just so happy to be alive.  God Bless!