Corinna Delgado

You probably already know someone like me. I’m the one who laughs too loud and has a seemingly endless arsenal of movie quotes and conversationally relevant song lyrics. Veteran, nationally recognized Performance Poet, Published Author & Mother of a Professional Boxer. In 2001 I began my... Read More

Mid Days with Maria

Hi! Geesh, where do I start? I’m originally from Providence, Rhode Island. I went to Northeastern University in Boston for criminal law way back when. I ended up sitting in on a rape trial and said, “Nope…not for me.” It’s then that I took an elective television class and received the only “A”... Read More

Neci at Night

I'm Neci, and I like to think of myself as the person your mother warned you about! I love what I do. I've been playing music for people since the invention of the wheel. I have been on WHFS forever. I've also been on 101.9 Lite FM, and I did country (yeah, country) on New Country 106.1. Now I call... Read More

The MIX Morning Show with Reagan and Bethany

Have you ever been at a restaurant and heard the people at the table next to you having a conversation so interesting and fun that you wanted to move your chair over to their table? Well, every morning Reagan and Bethany try to be those people. They want to make your mornings a little brighter,... Read More