Reagan and Bethany

Mon-Fri: 5:30AM

         Have you ever been at a restaurant and heard the people at the table next to you having a conversation so interesting and fun that you wanted to move your chair over to their table? Well, every morning Reagan and Bethany try to be those people. They want to make your mornings a little brighter, happier, and a lot more fun.

        You may have heard Reagan on the Mix morning show for over a decade. He, his lovely wife Sara, his delightful daughter Adeline are proud to be Baltimorons for life! Bethany, her husband, and their two kids Madelyn and Turner just moved to Baltimore and fell in love fast with this amazing area.

        Reagan loves restaurants, road trips, good beers and wine, funny text messages, and live shows. Bethany loves renovating, the beach, yoga, whiskey, and trashy TV. They both dislike Megan Kelley, when the Orioles lose, ice cream cake, and Pringles.

        Catch them every weekday morning from 5:30-10 a.m. on Mix! Oh, and give them a call sometime! They’d love to talk to you!