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Stand To Honor 2020


Join MIX 106.5 as we stand with Folds of Honor to provide educational scholarships for the dependents of our fallen and disabled military service members.  You may remember in the past we asked you to join us to stand on platforms with the imprints of a fallen service member’s boots for 13 minutes, which represents the 13 folds of the American burial flag given to the families of those that have made the ultimate sacrifice. Unfortunately,due to COVID this year, we are unable to physically stand in those boot imprints but we are not going to let that stop us! We are taking STAND TO HONOR on line!

We ask that you take a few moments to make a monetary donation, by CLICKING HERE and helping

Since its inception, Folds of Honor has awarded approximately 20,000 scholarships. In 2018 Folds of Honor provided 4,000 scholarships nationwide. All donations from Stand to Honor go to families in the Northeast. Folds of Honor has carried forth this singular, noble mission. To provide educational scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service-members. Their motto says it best. Honor Their Sacrifice. Educate Their Legacy.

How Folds of Honor began:

Returning home from his second tour of duty in Iraq, Lt Col Dan Rooney, an f-16 fighter pilot in the Air Force Reserves, became painfully aware of the reality families face when a loved one in uniform is fallen or disabled. As his flight landed, the pilot announced they carried the remains of Corporal Brock Bucklin on board, asking all passengers to respectfully remain seated while his casket deboarded.

Lt Col Rooney watched as Corporal Bucklin’s twin brother walked somberly alongside the flag-covered casket to meet his family. Among them was the deceased Corporal’s young son, Jacob. Lt Col Rooney ached as he thought of his own wife and little girls. Seeing the other side of war through the eyes of Jacob, was life-altering.

Sadly, over half the passengers had disregarded the pilot’s request and deboarded. Lt Col Rooney decided he had to do something. Not only would he pay tribute to American service-members and their families, he would live as a reminder among civilians that it is our duty to honor the sacrifices of those who preserve the freedoms we so easily take for granted.

Lt Col Rooney committed to spend his life changing the future of America’s grieving spouses and children. In 2007, he formed the Folds of Honor Foundation; a 501C-3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational scholarships to the families of these heroic Americans.