Ah-NO! It's Priestly, I'm OVER it! Be Original Weezer!

Sorry, NOT SORRY! Weezer is an awesome rock band! What happened? First "Africa" by ToTo, now A-ha's Take On Me! Judge for yourself; this was my reaction!!! Video of AH-NO! Priestly Takes on Weezer! Here's Weezer's attempt to recreate A-ha's Take On Me. What do you think? Is this something you want...
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Get Ready! Elsa and Anna are back in this DARK trailer for Frozen 2!

Oh wow!!!! We’ve been waiting a long time for a look at the follow up to Disney’s Frozen! Well wait no longer…the wait is over and things seem DARK!!! What happened to Arendelle??? Where is Elsa?!! What’s going on???? Video of Frozen 2 | Official Teaser Trailer Disney is set to light it up this...
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Priestly Says Wait That's Genie From Aladdin! Nooo!!!

Normally I am SUPER OPEN MINDED…I’m always the first to say, “Wait” or “Give it a chance” or “Maybe it will be better when it’s done”…but right now, I’m REALLY nervous about Disney’s live remake of Aladdin! For the record, I loved Disney’s remakes of Beauty & The Beast, Jungle Book, heck I...
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Parker, Olivia and Priestly Break Down The Lego Movie 2 Spolier Free

So here we are 5 years later since the OG Lego Movie entered our lives! Everything was awesome...but 5 years later, now EVERYTHING IS NOT AWESOME! Now that's not my overall review, but a lot has changed...and nothing has changed also! Parker and Olivia LOVED's our car ride home review.....
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Priestly's Son Parker Checks In With His Fixed Broken Wrist!!!

It's been a very stressful few days for me. First off I got this nasty "cold"...technically it's Sinusitis...and it's SUCKS!!! Then on top of that, having your youngest break their enough to destroy me!!! Yet failure is not an option...I can't give up or sound complete and total butt on...
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Snow, Rain, SNAIN! Priestly Helps You Get Ready For Tonights Commmute Home

Little pre-show check in and a reminder for the cars and our drive home: Video of 1/29/19 Pre-Show Checkin! Weathers YUCKY! New Cash Code Words at 4:05pm, 5:05pm and 6:05pm!! Please drive carefully!!!! Photo by Priestly PLEASE CLEAN OFF YOUR CARS!!!!!! (especially roofs) Photo by Priestly Please.....
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The Kid Who Would Be King Is Out! Here's What The Priestly Boys Had To Say!

Ok...putting it out there first...most movies released in January are less than stellar, which is a major hurdle for The Kid Who Would Be King. That said...this steps up and rams Excalibur right through the middle of that January curse! We went nearly 2 weeks ago and have been dying to share our...
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Have you Seen this Maryland Pride Video?

When I first moved to Maryland I was shocked and endeared by the amout of pride native, and even transplant Marylanders have for their state, and all of the things that make it unique! A couple of my Facebook and Instagram friends sent me a link to this video and I was like LMAO! Take a look at...
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Saw This On The Today Show And It Gave Me Hope For Humanity: Free Mom Hugs

This morning I was watching the Today show and came across a story that gave me hope for this divided world we live in. I truly can't stand all the negativity. The stress of fighting REALLY takes it's toll on my soul. I learned a few years back, thx to a listener named Ida...I was an empath. I can...
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Hey it's Priestly, Sending A Sick Note/Video From Bed

Hi! I hate being sick!!! So, I took off Friday and Monday a while ago when I was well...that was the plan. Took Jack to the Caps game Friday night...Monday was Olivia and Parkers' 10th B-day but the plan was to be back Tueseday. NOPE. I'm definitely putting money down on a vicious cold, not the flu...
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