Respect The Rules! #BeSmart #BeKinds #BeSafe

Priestly Is ANGRY That People are Not Staying Local!!!

Yesterday we walked our normal walk, in our home neighborhood only too find people traveling out of their neighborhoods to walk our areas paths. Normally there is never cars in the parking lot...this is just insane!!!
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Ed Was Bullied Too!?

Who would bully ED SHEERAN!?! JERKS! They are all over the world...and are more vocal today than ever! I teach my kids to be kind too people, especially those who may appear different. In all due respect to my friend Ed, he looks different. So! His big moppy red hair...he wears glasses...that said...
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Priestly Positivity! Enough Bad/Sad News! Here's A Smile!

I'm feeling kinda down today with the passing of Luke Perry (52) of 90210 and The Prodigy's lead singer Keith Flint (49)...sooo here's sometjing to make you smile! For the full story click here!!! #BeKind
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