Mix 1065

Avengers: End Game

Avengers 4 Trailer Is Here And So Is Priestly’s Reaction Video!

We have been waiting for this moment ever since the tear jerk ending that was Avengers Infinity War! I really was hoping for NO TRAILER! In my mind…less is more. I wanted maybe to see some iconic images destroyed…like Caps shield, Iron Man’s helmet, Thor’s broken hammer, maybe the Hulk buster suit...
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Christmas Fireplace and Xmas Tree, Presents Gifts Decorations

Baby it’s Cold Outside…so?

Hey it’s Priestly…so last night we had our office holiday party and as we all know…you don’t talk politics, so we talked about this STUPID “controversy” over the song Baby It’s Cold Outside that was written in 1944. Listen…I AM ALL FOR BITCHING! Let that be said it needs to warrant it…now, what is...
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Ralph Breaks The Internet Priestly Family Review in :60!

So on the way back from the Mix 1065 Advance Screening for Disney's Ralph Breaks The Internet, I decided to surprise the kids and made them give a quick podcast review of there thoughts and feelings...check it out! Jack, Parker, Olivia and their friend Owen Break It Down! Honestly, I loved it!...
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Priestly Goes Back To Elementary School

What a great day! If ya have kids…make the time to go check them out at school!!! It’s amazing to watch what’s going on and see our teachers on the front lines forming tomorrow’s leaders! Photo by Priestly I got to hang out with Parker in his 4th grade GT math class…YIKES…that is some hard stuff!...
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Priest-Lee Thanks Stan-Lee

Everyone who knows me, knows I love super hero's! I've always related to the duality of identity. Many know Priestly on the radio...few know the guy who is Priestly off the radio. The two are similiar...but like Stan Lee's charachter's...flawed! Far from perfect! Lol! Video of Priest-Lee remembers...
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People Need To Stop Sucking!

So yesterday some low life piece of trash, smashed Anthea’s window while she was working a Photoshoot, no more than 50 feet away in a public Howard County parking lot!! Beyond getting some personal stuff, it RUINED my Sunday AND my 3 kids were shocked, “Daddy, why us?” Here comes a life lesson!...
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Priestly’s Kids Review The Grinch

So the new Grinch movie hits theaters tonight with Benedict Cumberbatch voicing the green dude this time, and sadly I could not make it. Which is why I asked Jack, Olivia and Parker to do my job and officially review their first movie! So here we go, I will just copy and paste their work, check it...
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We’re Putting The Sorting Hat on Priestly! (And you into the Mix Premier of Fantastic Beasts 2)

In the Priestly house we love Harry Potter and all of the awesomeness from J.K. Rowling! I’ve always pictured myself sitting in the Hogwarts dormitories with fellow Gryffindor friends…but is that where I really belong?? Before we step up to the sorting hat, don’t forget ALL this week on the Big Fat...
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Big Day Tomorrow! Are You In?

If there is one thing we’ve learned, voting matters! For everyone who says, “my vote don’t count”, you are wrong...it does! We are inundated, now more than ever with information. Some great, some HORRIBLE, some false, some truth…what we do know, at the most basic level, follow your heart. Make sure...
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Disney’s Nutcracker and the Four Realms; The Priestly Family Review

My kids Olivia, Jack and Parker ALL were psyched for this one, me…ehhh. I’m not a big Nutcracker fan, not that I have any hate for it…I just didn’t have much interest in it. As a kid ballet was not my thing, but I have always loved the music from The Nutcracker and it’s awesome throughout Disney’s...
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