Priestly's Talented Stink Bug!

Priestly's "Talented" Stink Bug In the Mix Studio!

What a talented little bugger!!!! Lol!!! Soo yeah, this is how I entertain myself, all alone in the studio between the songs! I watched this and it reminded me of a prisoner in jail who makes a friend in solitary!!! some suggestions to help name this lil stinker??? Comment on the FB...
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Priestly 2020!!!

First Live Behind The Scenes of 2020 With Priestly In Studio!

Quick check in from between the songs!!!! In case you missed the 1st FB live of 2020: Click here to like Priestly on Facebook and don't miss out on more Behind The Scenes moments in 2020! Happy New Year!
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NOT Boyz II Menorah Priestly and Ray Ray Bobble Head)

Watch out Adam Sandler, Here Comes Boyz II Menorah Ft James Corden, Charlie Puth and MORE!!!

Last night James Corden introduced the world to the next SUPERGROUP, Boyz II To Menorah!!!!! The group consists of James Corden, Zach Braff, Charlie Puth, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Josh Peck...the track, "A Week and a Day"...Happy Hanukah!!!! Video of Boyz II Menorah: 'A Week and a Day...
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Bebe Rhexa Slays At The Jonas Brothers Show

Bebe Rhexa STOLE The Show At The Jonas Brothers Concert!

Hey it's Priestly...still licking my wounds from be forgotten by Kevin, Nick and Joe...that said, re-watching these AMAZING moments from Bebe Rhexa's performance, makes it all better!!!! (if you are on a desktop, pause all the videos now, they all autostart) If you ever get the chance, you need to...
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Bond Is Back in Not Ready To Die

James Bond New Trailer "No Time To Die"!!!

Daniel Craig is back and not ready to die in the first full trailer to the upcoming 25th installment in the Bond series, No Time To Die!!! Video of NO TIME TO DIE Trailer No Time To Die hits theaters April 2020!!!
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After 15 Years Priestly Reunites With The Jonas Brothers!

Gotta be honest...I am spoiled when it comes to "hanging out" with the's QUITE different at a Meet & Greet pre or post show. That said back in 2004/05' I was able to work with the guys as their star was launching! We recorded hours of an exclusive Jonas Brothers radio show I wrote/...
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Priestly Happy Thanksgiving

A Special Thanksgiving Message From Our resident Turkey, Priestly!

It's a tradition at our Thanksgiving table to say what we are thankful for and since I can't be at your Thanksgiving meal...I thought why not! Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'll be live on Friday from 12-3pm at The Main Event at The Columbia Mall with tix for the Jonas Brothers Show OR our Deck The Hall...
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Frozen 2 Priestly Family Review #PFR

Is Frozen 2 Better Than Frozen? Find Out From The Priestly Crew!

So here we go again! Back to Arondale to revisit or friends Ana, Elsa, Olaf and is saying this is better than the first Frozen...well...check out the #PFR spolier free and then...go buy some tickets!!! The Priestly Family Review: Frozen 2 In case you live in an ice cave...
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Playing With Fire #PFR! Will John Cena Set The Box Office On Fire?

John Cena is everywhere promoting his new movie Playing With Fire ! Well...check out what Jack (12), Olivia (10), Parker (10) and your's truly, Priestly (old) thought of Cena, John Legizamo and Keegan Michael-Key in the new Nickelodeon movie! #PFR (Priestly Family Review) Ring Off Fire Starring...
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Real Life Towson Mystery Making National Headlines NOW! You Can Help!

This morning, I walked around the neighborhood and took pictures of spooky homes serving up the treats for Halloween. I wanted to share them for inspiration, but then came home and saw Towson/Baltimore being featured on today's Dr. Oz show. Not for anything good, though. In 1996, a murder took...
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