Why The Johns Hopkins Children Center Radiothon is SO Important To Me

I can't believe it. The Johns Hopkins Children Center Radiothon is in two days! I've been doing this for sooo long ... over 20 years! This video really sums up my feelings about this incredible event and the amazing people it helps! Even as a single guy YEARS ago, I knew how important this was. One...
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Shawn Mendes

WOAH! Shawn Mendes In His Undies!!!!

WOAH! Way to go Shawn Mendes! Joining the elite club of Calvin Klein models like Mark Wahlberg, David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas and MANY more! If I was better at blogging I'd show the pics here...but I can't figure out how too!!! Lol...sorry! #RadioIdiot Click here... Shawn's insta page...
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Ah-NO! It's Priestly, I'm OVER it! Be Original Weezer!

Sorry, NOT SORRY! Weezer is an awesome rock band! What happened? First "Africa" by ToTo, now A-ha's Take On Me! Judge for yourself; this was my reaction!!! Video of AH-NO! Priestly Takes on Weezer! Here's Weezer's attempt to recreate A-ha's Take On Me. What do you think? Is this something you want...
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I LOVE THIS! A Little Valentine From Priestly

See that pretty lady next to my man Ed Sheeran...that's my beautiful Valentine of 21 years, my wife Anthea! Happy Valentine's Day Momma...behind every good man is a better woman...that's you, love ya! Anyway...sorry, I showed her this trailer...she knows I LOVE the movies and puts up with me...
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Get Ready! Elsa and Anna are back in this DARK trailer for Frozen 2!

Oh wow!!!! We’ve been waiting a long time for a look at the follow up to Disney’s Frozen! Well wait no longer…the wait is over and things seem DARK!!! What happened to Arendelle??? Where is Elsa?!! What’s going on???? Video of Frozen 2 | Official Teaser Trailer Disney is set to light it up this...
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Priestly Rant: Are you kidding me!! They Should Be Sued For Stupidity!

Are you kidding me!! My buddy passed this story onto me and was curious what I thought!! First thought was, are you kidding me?? What the hell is wrong with people? I’m sorry, you go to a haunted attraction that sells scares…and you sue the park for doing its job? Seriously…a Mother and her teen...
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Priestly Plays With Toy Story's REX and the Founder of Farpoint Con!

I love my job! I get to meet and work with some of the coolest and most talented people! This time around, I got to hang with Steven Wilson, the man behind the Farpoint Convention. It's celebrating its 26th year this weekend at the Hunt Valley Inn! For EVERYTHING you need to know about Farpoint,...
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Snow, Rain, SNAIN! Priestly Helps You Get Ready For Tonights Commmute Home

Little pre-show check in and a reminder for the cars and our drive home: Video of 1/29/19 Pre-Show Checkin! Weathers YUCKY! New Cash Code Words at 4:05pm, 5:05pm and 6:05pm!! Please drive carefully!!!! Photo by Priestly PLEASE CLEAN OFF YOUR CARS!!!!!! (especially roofs) Photo by Priestly Please.....
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Saw This On The Today Show And It Gave Me Hope For Humanity: Free Mom Hugs

This morning I was watching the Today show and came across a story that gave me hope for this divided world we live in. I truly can't stand all the negativity. The stress of fighting REALLY takes it's toll on my soul. I learned a few years back, thx to a listener named Ida...I was an empath. I can...
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Hey it's Priestly, Sending A Sick Note/Video From Bed

Hi! I hate being sick!!! So, I took off Friday and Monday a while ago when I was well...that was the plan. Took Jack to the Caps game Friday night...Monday was Olivia and Parkers' 10th B-day but the plan was to be back Tueseday. NOPE. I'm definitely putting money down on a vicious cold, not the flu...
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