Priestly Behind The Scenes In Studio! That's WORK???

Just another day behind the mic! More fun and shenanigans tomorrow!!! Be warned it's Friday too...let's make it an awesome one!
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Priestly Serenity! Need Some Peace? Check this out, Butterfly and Benji!

With Earth Day right around the corner, I felt the need to get out and get centered! Nothing like taking in some nature to clear the mind! If you can't get out right now, put your head phones on and listen to the soothing nature sounds and watch this butterfly take flight and make friends with...
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8 FREAKING YEARS ON MIX 1065! Priestly Tries To NOT Cry And Thank You!

Wow...I am so blown away! 8 years ago today it all began...there is so much I want to I recorded this video! Also, found this GEM! 1st video recorded for the new show 8 years ago...dang I was "Puffy Priestly" and NO HAT!!! So much love and thanks!!! Cheers to many more!!!! p
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See Where And How Priestly Celebrates Opening Day! #VIPLife

Everyone LOVES Opening Day in Baltimore...this is how I take in the big day! I'm only playing!!! Love me some O's and have been beyond spoiled over the years...ALWAYS a great time down the yard HUN!!! Go O's!!! Photo by Priestly Photo by Priestly Photo by Perks Photography Photo by Priestly Photo...
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Live Behind The Mic In Studio With Priestly

My favorite comment from this live look behind the scenes in studio: "Jessica Moore · 5:58 I seriously pictured it as a room full of people but you do it all. Wow mind blown!!! it’s so quiet lol!!!" See for yourself!!! #GlamorousLife
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Ah-NO! It's Priestly, I'm OVER it! Be Original Weezer!

Sorry, NOT SORRY! Weezer is an awesome rock band! What happened? First "Africa" by ToTo, now A-ha's Take On Me! Judge for yourself; this was my reaction!!! Video of AH-NO! Priestly Takes on Weezer! Here's Weezer's attempt to recreate A-ha's Take On Me. What do you think? Is this something you want...
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Saw This On The Today Show And It Gave Me Hope For Humanity: Free Mom Hugs

This morning I was watching the Today show and came across a story that gave me hope for this divided world we live in. I truly can't stand all the negativity. The stress of fighting REALLY takes it's toll on my soul. I learned a few years back, thx to a listener named Ida...I was an empath. I can...
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Wow! Billy Joel is Camden Yards First Concert! What was yours? Priestly's was...

So, everybody’s talking about this Billy Joel concert! The first concert at Camden yards right here in Baltimore Maryland in over 70 years! I am a Long Island boy, born and raised, I love Billy Joel and cannot wait to see this show. I’ve seen Billy at least 5 times and he is an incredible shows man...
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Mix 1065 Mistletoe Meltdown Was Awesome! UPDATED MORE PICS!!

Thx to everyone who came and partied with our friends Cecelia Grace, Jagmac, A great Big world, Ocean Park Standoff, Matt Nathanson and AJR!!! It was LIT! Also I’d like to thank the amazing team at Rams Head Live, the host venue, who is awesome!! Some of my personal favorite moments over the 2...
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Avengers: End Game

Avengers 4 Trailer Is Here And So Is Priestly’s Reaction Video!

We have been waiting for this moment ever since the tear jerk ending that was Avengers Infinity War! I really was hoping for NO TRAILER! In my mind…less is more. I wanted maybe to see some iconic images destroyed…like Caps shield, Iron Man’s helmet, Thor’s broken hammer, maybe the Hulk buster suit...
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