the Most Interesting Thing Every State Has Been Googling During the Pandemic

The Most Interesting Thing Maryland (and Every State) Has Been Googling During the Pandemic

Here are some of the interesting things different states have been Googling the most during quarantine: "How to become a YouTuber" in Indiana . . . "Boxed wine" in Minnesota . . . "Build a chicken coop" in Maine . . . and "Meth recipe" in Missouri.
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What Are the Most Popular Fast Food Fries in Every State

What Are the Most Popular Fast Food Fries in Maryland (And Every State)?

A new study found the most popular fast food French fries in every state. McDonald's won 16 states . . . and Burger King and Taco Bell each won six.
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Maryland's Favorite Snack According to One Study

Maryland's Favorite Snack (According to One Study)

It's National Junk Food Day, so the website looked at Google stats to find the most popular snack in all 50 states.
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maryland popular side dish thanksgiving

Here's the Most Uniquely Popular Side Dish in Maryland

Google released a list of the most uniquely popular Thanksgiving side dish in every state, based on searches. In other words: What side do people in a state Google more than people in other states? Here are the results: In Maryland, it's collard greens. And here are the dishes for our surrounding...
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