Priestly Rant ROAD RAGE! "IDIOTS!!!" See The Video!

I LOST it today and my son Parker captured my road rage rant pointing out all the "idiots" who did not clean off their cars COMPLETELY, in all it's glory!! It's not hard people, don't be lazy...get a step stool if you are vertically challenged...if not, take Uber or Lyft or a cab...but DON'T BE AN...
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It's really really cold! Cold enough, that....

It's really that cold!
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Hey it's Priestly, Sending A Sick Note/Video From Bed

Hi! I hate being sick!!! So, I took off Friday and Monday a while ago when I was well...that was the plan. Took Jack to the Caps game Friday night...Monday was Olivia and Parkers' 10th B-day but the plan was to be back Tueseday. NOPE. I'm definitely putting money down on a vicious cold, not the flu...
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C'mon Benji PLEASE go out!

First and foremost, my thoughts and positive vibes go to those affected by Hurricane Florence. The flooding is historic and the struggles to recover are is my struggle to get this dog to just go out and take care of his business! Video of Rain Related Show/Host: Priestly Benji, our...
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