Check Out The Weird Way People Sleep

We asked our listeners about the weird way people sleep, and we were blown away by the abnormal ways in which people sleep that we had never heard about ! Here's what they said: I sleep on my back with my legs up in the air against the wall. It's suppose to help people with anxiety. Slept on my...
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What Question Do You Get Asked The Most?

What question do you have to answer the most, whether it's about your looks, your job, or something else? Here's what our listeners had to say: I have a lot of tattoos and get asked all the time, "did those hurt?" I used to try explaining that it depends on the area and some are more painful than...
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What's The Most Ridiculous Complaint You've Gotten At Work?

We asked you about the most ridiculous complaint you've ever received at work. Boy, did we get some doozies! I used to work at game store and once had a lady throw a tantrum because we didn't do birthday parties. My superstore cant sell fresh bread due to a noncompete with local grocery stores...
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The 10 Weirdest Things About America, According to People From Other Countries

Obviously there's nothing weird about America and if someone says there is, we should fight them. That being said . . . maybe it's possible that someone from another country might be surprised by one or two things here. A survey asked people from other countries to share the strange things that...
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Kesha at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards

Kesha to Embark on Weird, Wonderful and Rainbow Ride Cruise

Our favorite rainbow queen recently announced that she’s taking her glittery antics to sea. We spill the details about her recently announced cruise!
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